About Dr. Mardy Grothe


Dr. Mardy Grothe is a lifelong quotation collector and the author of seven previous “word and language” books. A retired psychologist, he is known simply as "Dr. Mardy" to his many fans around the world.  Fred Shapiro, editor of the Yale Dictionary of Quotations, described Grothe as “one of the most profound and popular quotation-book authors of all time.” He and his wife Katherine Robinson live in Southern Pines, North Carolina. 


A Bit More

Grothe is also the creator of DMDMQ ("Dr. Mardy's Dictionary of Metaphorical Quotations"), the world's largest online database of metaphorical quotations, with more that 40,000 quotations—all rigorously sourced and organized into more than 2,500 categories.   About DMDMQ, Dr. Fuad Jaleel, a Wikipedia activist and administrator at Malayalam Wikiquote said, "Generations to come will scarce believe that ever in the history of collections of literary quotes has so much been done for so many by a single man."


Free Weekly e-Newsletter

Grothe also publishes a free weekly e-newsletter ("Dr. Mardy's Quotes of the Week") that goes out to nearly 10,000 subscribers all around the world.  Each issue contains a brain-exercising "Puzzler" about some well known writer, a "Theme" that is briefly discussed and then exemplified with ten selected quotations, and a Featured Author whose biography is briefly described and whose best quotations are selected.  To subscribe, indicate your interest in the Contact form


Other Books

Grothe's journey as the author of "word & language" books began in 1999 with Never Let a Fool Kiss You or a Kiss Fool You, an attempt to bring the obscure literary device of chiasmus (ky-AZ-muss) out of the closet of obscurity and into the world of popular usage.  That first work was followed by six more, all pictured here.  Information on all of the books may be found at: www.drmardy.com