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“Better than anyone else, Mardy Grothe uses classical quotations from history to share the powerful insights they can provide.  In Deconstructing Trump, he builds a quotational congress of world voices spanning over two millennia, deftly showing how Donald Trump's actions run counter to history’s desire to make the world a better place. Grothe gives us an illuminating understanding through collective historical wisdom.”  John Busbee, The Culture Buzz

“Mardy Grothe's thought-provoking new book Deconstructing Trump is a collection of a thousand points of light. These prescient historical quotations shine brightly on the hollowness of the man they so clearly bring to mind. When the history of The Trump Era is written, Grothe's name will be among those who chose to speak up."  — Anu Garg, founder of and author of A Word A Day

Deconstructing Trump is a brilliant idea consummately executed!  Only a quotation maven with a scholar’'s grasp of intellectual history could produce this incredible “foretelling” of Trump. With a gentle hand on the reader’'s shoulder, Grothe provides a guided tour through centuries of astonishingly prescient quotations.  Deconstructing Trump corroborates what our eyes and ears can scarcely believe.  For some, it will be a comforting reminder that, like other dark periods in history, this too shall pass.  I cannot imagine someone buying the book without picking up a gift copy or two for like-minded friends.”  Rosalie Maggio, bestselling author of How to Say It

“With so many salient quotes to reflect on, it was hard to choose which one best ‘deconstructed’ the subject of this hard-hitting collection. The Introduction hits the core message in a solid way and comments throughout greatly add to the reader’s understanding. Indeed, the whole book reads like a gold-mine of historical insight brought into the present. Here’s my favorite quote: ‘Those who never retract their opinions love themselves more than love truth.’ (Joseph Joubert) Congrats to Dr. Mardy for this masterful collection.”  Barbara McNichol, Editor and creator of Word Trippers

“If you are in despair at the way the world has incontestably taken a turn for the worse since the rise of Trump and his ilk, you may find a modicum of solace in Mardy Grothe's excellent new collection.  To know that history has grappled with the problem before our time and has discussed it in highly quotable terms, may just about help us to win through."  Nigel Rees, British quotation scholar and legendary host of Quote...Unquote

“This is a wonderful book—erudite, passionate, and, most of all, heartening because it reminds us that narcissistic and bullying leaders have been with us all through history, and that people of wisdom, from Aristotle to Frank Zappa, have always seen through their lies and posturing, and thereby limited the damage they can do.”  Laurence Shames, bestselling author of the Key West Capers series and other books

“We live in a time when seemingly all of our democratic institutions and values are imperiled by kakistocracy—that is, government by the worst leaders.  Mardy Grothe, our most popular and entertaining quotation collector, brings his formidable talents to bear on assembling fascinating quotes from history that read uncannily like descriptions of the present situation.  All those who cherish the things that truly make America great will be gratified and inspired by the fruits of Grothe's brilliant labors.”   Fred Shapiro, Editor of The Yale Book of Quotations

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